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Police officers, fire and rescue personnel—all must trust their wireless GPS systems to deliver the mission-critical information required, when they need it most. When the lives of citizens and your own team are at stake, 2BTracked delivers the mission-critical reliability you depend on. Our solutions meet vital communication needs to deliver performance advantages for today’s first responder organizations.






GPS Tracking – Law Enforcement

Government agencies have a wide variety of tracking needs, ranging from VIP tracking, protection of victims and witnesses, operational monitoring to large vehicle tracking

What scale of GPS tracking does your government operation need to deploy?

What kinds of customization needs are required for your unique solution?

Are there any unique security requirements for operations of your particular government agency?


2BTracked Solution:


Government agencies need security, simplicity and efficiency. That is why a GPS tracking total solution must be fully featured, easily accessible and user friendly. In addition, there must be plenty of room for customization and new innovation.

With 2BTracked Solutions a government agency will get nothing but the best in GPS tracking solutions. Our software is browser based, so there is no need to install updates. In addition, our use’s interface is dynamic and intelligent, easy to navigate and our wide array of integrated devices allows several different configurations and sensor integrations.

Security, law enforcement and vehicle tracking are just a few of the government use cases that can be profited by BTS solutions. Vehicle tracking can be done by a variety of different devices and with a number of sensors. A simple tracking device can emit automatic real-time alerts when vehicles are  out-of-route, idling, speeding and report mileage, fuel use, start and end time, progress vs. plan among other functions, which contributes enormously on maintenance.

Personal trackers in our range can have microphones to listen in or industrial magnet to stick the unit in an IP69K case under the car for suspect pursuing, making them ideal for investigation.


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