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With cutting edge technology and highly customizable software, BTS offers families more security and speed at the location of your loved ones, any time of day or night. Our equipment also offer buttons SOS that in emergency situations, send messages to predefined numbers. Optionally, the unit can also perform voice communication via single (listen), through the cellular network, which allows you to know the seriousness of the situation in which your child may be involved.

When time becomes critical

There is nothing more frightening than losing a child on its way to and from school, or in crowded malls, amusement parks, etc. As a parent or a childcare professional, it is important to have a constant eye on a child, but when that child wanders off or is abducted, in a blink of an eye, then what can be done to quickly locate and retrieve that child?

Or even, do you know where your young adult kids hang out at nights or on weekends?

Where to put a GPS tracking device on your children?

Does your child have special needs or wanders off frequently?

Is kidnapping your biggest terror?

 2BTracked Solution

When your son goes missing due to kidnapping or a child wanders away from parents it is important for the well-being or safety of them to be found and retrieved quickly. That is why it is important to have a 2BTracked first class hardware and software tracking device.

With Brasil Tracking Solutions, parents have a variety of options and customizations that can be used to locate their children. Device options offer customizable SOS buttons and through the one-way voice communication over cellular network, you can listen in and act accordingly. All these features and many more are quickly accessible both from computer and mobile Smartphones for quick retrieval of the beloved one.


Losing a child even for a moment can be frightening. With 2BTracked, parents can equip themselves and their children to be protected.

Our Personal trackers can be placed in common items such as in their backpacks or around their necks to ensure that they will be found when wandering off somewhere or worse, in case they get abducted by a kidnapper. In case of violence, first thing which is taken away from them is their cellular unit, so the tracker becomes the “surprise element”, granting a bit more the safety of your child, as well as increasing the chance to act before anything worse may happen. Geofences with alarm functions can also be set. Children can be trained to hit the panic button in case of emergency and parents can set their contact information so that the moment an alert is delivered, they will be aware of it.

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