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Monitoring systems need to be focused on the economy that can bring to its users. Entrepreneurs in the field of landscaping, general maintenance, painting, installation, pest control and other small businesses can monitor the work of its employees, by tracking your fleet of service vehicles, and therefore, save time and money by eliminating waste.

GPS Tracking – Field Services

Mowing, Landscaping, Pool Maintenance, Pest Control

There is a wide variety of field services that are offered in the business world and each one has its challenges, being them landscaping, pool maintenance, painting, pest control and many other kinds of companies that often maintain fleets and invest in several valuable assets. However, these business people cannot always keep their assets safe or be assured that employees are using their own time as well as their assets properly.

Are you sure your vehicles are being used exclusively to service your clients?

Can you program your daily schedule efficiently?

Can you tell whether the services are being delivered in time for your client’s satisfaction?

Adding a GPS tracking unit to a company resources can help save time and money, by eliminating needless waste. Employers can lower their monthly operational costs by exercising a better control upon activities and get employees more compromised to their tasks. In addition, companies can even get discounts on their insurance bills for having GPS devices on their vehicles.

2BTracked Solution:

With 2BTracked software, field operations can be monitored for inefficiencies and be protected from theft. Parameters, like time of operation, distance from a set location, speed limits and much more can be assigned for specific assets based on need. In addition, dispatchers can track vehicle location to determine who is the closest to a work site for more efficient dispatch.


Design your ideal dashboard

Expect more from your fleet.

Real-time locations, metrics and alerts

Instant, optimized routing and rerouting

Better use of fuel and man hours

Smaller service windows to your needs:

Monitoring where workers are in the field with a GPS tracking device is quick and easy thanks to integration with 2BTracked. These devices can be installed in any field service vehicle to monitor where vehicles are in relation to different geographical landmarks that can be programmed in 2BTracked software. Reports can be generated based on the data gathered from our data base to help in the elimination of inefficient or destructive driver habits. Sensors can be attached to these devices to gather more data such as driver ID, door open and closed, and even a fuel sensor. Field workers can also be equipped with a small GPS tracking device to ensure safety and productivity for all workers. In case of emergencies, SOS buttons can also be used to bring help, all thanks to the great security features of the 2BTracked software.

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