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Maximize productivity, enhancing better logistics for companies that provide public services with personal GPS tracking alongside the control of the vehicles being used. Less paper, less human mistakes and effective administration. Optimize routes and improve the quality of services in case of emergencies and accidents with high reliability.

How does your organization monitor the location of its various assets?

In what way is location-based service involved in dispatching your repair teams?

What kind of improvements could be made to your company’s overall work flow?

2BTracked Solution:

With a Brasil Tracking Solutions GPS tracking system, utility cable and telecom companies can greatly increase their overall performance and efficiency. With a 2BTracked GPS solution, these companies can label stationary assets like gen sets, track various mobile assets and even route them to specific locations based on the closest team.


Real-time vehicle locations and metrics

Multi-vehicle routing

Custom GIS overlays on maps

Better fuel economy

Improved worker safety

Faster response times

Less overtime

Automated maintenance scheduling

The features available on the 2BTracked are a perfect fit for the many needs of your utility company. With our software platform, service companies can track where their own fleets and know who is in charge, and much more. They can even label stationary assets (such as utility poles or operation stations) so that dispatchers can make notes about locations and even send the closest team to these locations.

How is that possible?

Utility companies who manage water, energy, gas lines, cable and telecom can track their mobile assets with a variety of GPS devices. 2BTracked software can track our devices on a large scale for deployment and security needs. Businesses can even submit their own mapping data to 2BTracked platform so that 3rd party data such as water, power, gas lines or telecom/cable providers can be added to a business platform for easy deployment of work crews. 

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