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The tracking of VIPs and public figures can pose many challenges, but most of them can be overcome through the use of solutions suggested by the BTS. Our devices have high-tech design and are especially small and unobtrusive, allowing critical information such as the location and speed of a VIP to be tracked accurately. Even works indoors, because it needs very little GPS signal to remain active.

GPS Tracking – VIP Monitoring


Physical business assets often require constant surveillance, but mainly, public and important people require surveillance, nowadays. Organizations, such as a large company or governmental headquarters often need solutions to track important people to secure their safety.


How do you want to track this individual?

In what ways do you need to secure the safety of the VIP you are monitoring?

Is this person going to be aware that they are being tracked?


Tracking an individual most of the time requires their knowledge. In this case, a personal tracker is required to track a VIP. If this person is unaware that they are being monitored, a GPS device must be implanted in a device that is always with that person, such as a purse, briefcase or laptop.

2BTracked Solution:


With 2Btracked, there is a selection of small devices that can be used to track important individuals. These devices come in extreme small sizes, with long lasting battery capacity. Many of them can also be programmed to trigger customizable alerts with the simple push of a panic button which can be programmed to send an email or a text message alert to a predefined contact within the 2BTracked software. Personal  information of the individual that is being tracked is advised to be added to their individual profile for quick retrieval.


In addition, vehicle trackers can also be installed in a VIP’s car and fitted with a panic button that would generate the same alert.

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