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Services companies supply / distribution of food and beverages have delivery vehicles and mobile distribution points. The use of a GPS tracking system to track deliveries and distribution assets, furniture ensures product safety and increases efficiency in the delivery of supplies, which provides greater reliability to the supplier.

In the food service industry, there are often many different mobile distribution points that are constantly on the move.  The use of a GPS system to show the location of these deliveries and the mobile distribution assets (vehicles or trailers) grants the reliability of the products with efficient delivery of new supplies and ensures the security of the investment.

So faced with this challenge, we ask:

How do you ensure the security of your food or beverage mobile distribution investment?

How often do your sale locations change?

What kind of data do you need to collect from your mobile distribution points?


Multi-vehicle routing

Real-time location of every delivery truck

Easily keep delivery targets

Minimize perishable food wastage

Instant, optimal routes and reroutes

Automatic real-time alerts: out-of-route, idling, speeding, mileage, fuel use, start and end time, progress vs. plan among others


2BTracked Solution:

Whether it is a small mobile food cart or a large food service van, mobile food distribution assets are very valuable to a business. In order to keep these assets safe and to ensure their proper use, owners can take GPS technology to keep track of their valuable assets.

With the 2BTracked product line, food service organizations can track their valuable mobile assets with a wide variety of devices. Food distribution points of any size can be tracked using our products; Vehicles can be monitored for location, speed and much more. Several devices even have the option to attach a temperature probe to keep track of a temperature sensitive food to ensure that that food does not become unusable. It has become law in many countries all over the world, indeed.

Tracking devices from 2BTracked can be applied as productive solutions for Food & Beverage service assets. Points of sale such as a truck or pushcart can be tracked using one of our devices. For assets that do not have a dedicated power source, a trailer tracker or a personal device can be easily attached and swapped when battery levels are low. Temperature sensors can be installed in any compartment that needs to be monitored for radical changes in temperature that could lead to spoiled food. Other sensors such as door contact sensors can be installed to monitor a food service asset for any need. All sensors can produce an alert to help identify and correct any irregularity.

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