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BTS allows full management in construction companies, through the tracking of vehicles and of the goods stored/parked in the whereabouts of the constructions sites/ headquarters, in a personalized way. It can all be viewed by the same software. Our GPS devices are suitable for any type of work and its use increases efficiency, reduces chances of fraud and eliminating waste.


Construction is a busy job that involves the coordination of several factors:  lots of tools, machinery, vehicles and people. GPS tracking can facilitate it, bringing more economic efficiency and most importantly, more security.

How are you currently monitoring your employees, equipment, vehicles and other assets?

In what ways can your company improve on the effectiveness and productivity of your employees?

What benefits can GPS tracking have on your platform?

With 2BTracked’s customized solutions construction companies can equip themselves with the tools and resources to increase productivity and efficiency by cutting out waste. Employees and equipment can be deployed more efficiently in construction sites. Time wasting workers/procedures can be reported in tabs, allowing the right measures to be taken whilst monitoring high-risk assets, like road machines and generators.


·           Cost-effective

·           Low power consumption (draws about 10% off the typical industries standard power in idle and active mode)

·           Units can operate for weeks in undeterred applications, only drawing power from its internal battery

·           “Over the air” configuration management including internal TCP/IP stack

·           Latest world-class technology (full GSM type approval and “e” certification)

·           Advanced power modes for  trailer and container tracking drawing power from its internal battery

·           Reduce workers late extra hours by producing extract of working hours

·           Real information of vehicle operation, allowing full occupation, maximizing productivity and efficiency


2BTracked Solution

With 2BTracked, a variety of devices can be deployed to vehicles, tools and even workers, with customizable properties such as alerts, trigger points, pressure sensors and much more!


Construction companies need to rely on cutting-edge and durable hardware and complex software solutions. Sensors can be installed to gather data from all kinds of vehicles and other equipment that are in operation on a construction site. PTO switches can be used to determine when a separate vehicle system, such as a lift device or cement mixer, is activated and shut down. Vehicles can also be equipped with fuel sensors to ensure that they always have a healthy level of fuel to avoid construction stoppage. Even a temperature probe can be used to determine if an engine or other piece of equipment reaches a critical temperature, which would make it liable to damaging.


Equipment and Vehicles can be monitored both during the workday and when in storage.


Employers/ managers can monitor employee’s habits that could be wasteful or that could jeopardize security. Economy and efficiency. That is what we have to offer.

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