2BTracked understands that its business is part of the greater environment in which we live, so our actions are shaped by national and international trends in sustainable development. 2Btracked is a long-term business and this determines our actions as 2Btracked strives to be a responsible corporate citizen that respects the society and environment in which we operate.

How can 2BTracked ‘products assist in environmental sustainability and induce progress at the same time?

By inducing an educative driving posture and contributing with vehicle maintenance, since 2BTracked software allows companies to specify CO2 emissions quantities by vehicle group as expected in Green Economy Agreements.  Thus, once less carbon dioxide is thrown in the atmosphere and there is less fuel consumption, there is more economical efficiency, so more jobs can be created as fruit of the efficiency, benefiting the society as a whole. It is a win-win situation for all.

Knowledge above all

This can only be achieved by exhaustive TRAINING  which we have as one of our strategic objectives. It is crucial that our clients, resellers and distributers have full knowledge of the benefits our solutions can provide.

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