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One of the biggest challenges for a transportation company is managing your most valuable tive, its fleet. Precisely because they are movable, and often in the hands of employees, with constant need of maintenance due to the poor conditions of our roads or subject to failure (constant victims of robberies or vandalism).

FMS - Fleet Management System

2BTracked FMS Solution allows transportation and trucking companies to connect people to information when and where they need it most, helping them to be more productive, efficient and responsive to their customers.

Fleet efficiency is achieved by giving mobile employees and fleet managers the tools to make informed business-critical decisions in real time by delivering a seamless flow of information from the corner office, to the warehouse, and out to drivers, securely and efficiently.

Customizable Vehicle Efficiency Reports: We provide customized vehicle reporting for specified events (stops, idles, excessive speed, etc...) and time periods (daily, weekly, monthly) to fit your company's needs.

Route optimization: 2BTracked software gives dispatchers the ability to optimize route times and distances by both examine routing scenarios before implementation and coordinate fleet in real time in cases of traffic blockages and delays.

Arrival/Delivery Time Recording: the software automatically creates an arrival/departure record for use in customer service.

Vehicle Maintenance: Customers can monitor vehicle miles (daily, weekly, yearly) and sync alerts for vehicle maintenance benchmarks.

Driver Management: The system can be used to create individual driver efficiency ratings using weighted reporting parameters to positively reinforce efficient driving habits and raise the overall productivity of your fleet.

ID key Management: our software creates automatic back up for ID keys to put the driver to the driven truck.

Unauthorized use: Know where your vehicles are at all times as 2BTracked regulates unauthorized vehicle use both on and off the clock to combat unnecessary expense and liability.

The real strength of 2BTracked is its effect on our customer's bottom line through increased mobile workforce productivity, lowering theft and liability. These savings in operating costs are seen across the board in a reduction of annual labor costs, and insurance premiums, increasing asset recover times, eliminating unauthorized use of company vehicles and overall improvement in driver efficiency, which impacts directly over fuel costs and consumption.

Fleet Security

  1. increases overall fleet security through 24/7 monitoring and specialized alerts. These tools help our customers bolster driver safety through management of unsafe driving, lower response times to driver emergencies, and aid authorities in the location and recovery of stolen assets

Geo-fence: 2BTracked software can create virtual fencing around off hour vehicle storage facilities (motor pool, parking structure, individual driver's home) and instantly alert customer if vehicle is moved outside geo-fence perimeter.

Instant Alerting: Our critical alerts instantly notify fleet managers via text and email cutting down on response time and giving law enforcement optimal opportunity for recovery.

trailer Asset Management: 2BTracked can monitor assets stored offsite like trailers, etc. in case of theft, run time use, as well as inventory management and critical system monitoring where needed.

Ignition Cut Off: In the case of unauthorized use or stolen vehicles, the 2BTracked system can alert management and staff and automatically or on demand disable a vehicle's ignition when stopped in order to aid in recovery.

Driver behavior: 2BTracked protects assets and employees from unnecessary risk through excessive speed alerts to regulate unsafe driving practices and driving reports that monitor driver hours on long haul legs.

Disabled Vehicle Location: our software allows for immediate response to vehicle breakdowns, accidents, and panic alerts to help safeguard drivers, equipment operators and customers.

TEMPERATURE MONITORING: 2BTracked software and hardware allows fleet owners to control trailer and trucks with frozen goods on actual temperature and alerts them if the temperature rises or falls took fast and endangers the health of people who will eat this food later. It also gives them the proof that the temperature was within the normality for the time they had them under their responsibility.

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